Does the CCLI Stream license include the right for a church to post their service on YouTube?

YouTube is an authorized site that may be used for streaming your services; however, the Copyright Owners of the songs have every right to (a) restrict the streaming of their content, or (b) to monetize and place ads on videos containing their owned copyrights.

When using YouTube for streaming your services, you may encounter the blocking of copyrighted songs. When uploading your video you may see an option to “claim ownership”, or to answer a question, “Do you own the copyright?”  Please understand that this is not referring to the “ownership” of your church’s worship video; it is referring to the copyright ownership of the individual song(s) that are contained in your video. Therefore, you should say “No” to claiming any ownership unless you are the copyright owner of each song on the video. Saying “yes” will only cause a string of disputes between you, the copyright owner, and YouTube.

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