Chris Erhardt
CEO & Co-found, Music Producer, Tunedly.com

Chris Erhardt developed a love for music at the tender age of nine when he discovered the piano. A German national, he went to high school in the USA, and later college in Texas, where he honed his skills in songwriting and music production.

With relative success under his belt, Chris decided to pursue new frontiers in Ireland, where he was introduced to the startup scene. His time in that part of the world led him to manage chart-topping talents in Dublin, as well as to write and produce music for one of London West End’s most prestigious musical actors.

Chris has the unique distinction of having mastered all the behind-the-scenes aspects of music production and the business of music. His travels to various countries have also exposed him to the struggles faced by musicians all around the world. This is demonstrated in his co-founding of Tunedly, one of the newest and most revolutionary online music recording studios.

Along with CMO and partner, Mylène Besançon, Chris has created a solution that makes it possible for music creators, living anywhere in the world, to connect with high-caliber talent and resources to make professional-sounding music online, and increase their chances of gaining exposure.

By breaking down physical and financial barriers, Chris is empowering music creators to truly have control over the direction of their careers.