Gary Christensen
Chief IP Officer at CCLI

Gary Christensen is the Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Christian Copyright Licensing International, Inc. (CCLI). He began his “second career” with CCLI more than 16 years ago following 20 years in the banking industry and just enough years in retail operations management to “reconcile” a career in banking.

With responsibility for the publisher/rights owner side of CCLI’s enterprise, Gary is actively engaged with global copyright matters including rights, repertoire and royalty management, publisher relations and contract development.

Over the past several years Gary’s focus has also been on enhancing and advancing CCLI’s infrastructure to optimize its service to rights owners. Notable projects include the development and implementation of a rights and repertoire management system, a royalty processing and allocation system, an online rights owner “Portal” for royalty information initially, and rights and repertoire eventually, and an online tool for the surveying and reporting of church copy activity; all proprietary.