Courtney C. Karnes

“The AGM conference is a beneficial CLE program to attorneys practicing Entertainment Law. The upcoming conference has panels that include (1) a legislative update from two of the music industry’s largest lobbying organizations; (2) legal licensing issues overseas,  (3) how YouTube’s content management system fits into the limitations of the Copyright Act, and (4) licensing new technology within the confines of the Copyright Act.  As an attorney practicing in this space, this conference is extremely beneficial to my daily practice.  It is rare to be able to listen to this wide array of speakers in a single conference, or to have these industry leaders in the same room.  Not only do these panels examine the legal and legislative updates, they provide practical advice on how to implement these updates into every day practice.  This conference should be considered for CLE credit, as it is an informative colloquium for a niche market.”

Courtney C. Karnes
Manager, Licensing
Capitol CMG Publishing

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